upgrade envy

Upgrade envy definition: When you buy the latest iPhone and feel like a king at a fancy feast and then twelve months later the new one comes out and suddenly you feel like a poor mans donkey boy scratching for corn. It’s the reason why no one calls you anymore and the reason why your parents WILL NEVER BE PROUD of you ever again.

You are not my son.

So dumb yet so real.

The Oatmeal did a great comic on it here

I personally peaked in 2013 with upgrade envy. I had an iPhone 5 – ha remember that RELIC!? and the iPhone 5S had just come out. – ha remember that RELIC?!

it was the first time apple released a GOLD version of anything. Gold is shiny. I wanted shiny. I got shiny. $1299 later.



FOR 72 hours or so – and then it just became a phone again. A gold phone at least, well not even really gold. more brown/champagne-ish lamey version of what Gold could look like.


Even the slow motion camera was a bit of a let down. After that experience I promised I wouldn’t succumb to upgrade envy again.

Then they announced the iPhone 6 – Remember that relic!? – actually its still decent. (as of March 2016)

I needed it so bad!

$1299 later and I had one!



Repeat, repeat repeat. Sometimes that empty hole in my life can be fixed by Apples latest phone, but usually only for about a week or so.

This feeling came up again because I recently (Dec 2015) bought a Phantom 3 drone – see a video here

AND NOW THE PHANTOM 4 IS COMING OUT THIS MONTH. I was only king for eight weeks!

Its not that much better but I still want it.

I think this speaks a lot about the human condition.
Never satisfied. Always wanting something more.

There’s a lesson in there for me, but I don’t know If I’ll ever learn it.

Time to dig a bit deeper and enjoy the corn.


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