30 and not bald – Ask Me Anything

I’m scared of going bald more than anything else. Well not anything. I could could probably think of scarier things, like candy crush or local buy, swap, sell groups on Facebook, but going bald is right up there too.

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an earthquake and a thief.

The world will remember March 11, 2011  as one of the worst natural disasters ever. The Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami, the nuclear plant in Fukushima. What a mess.

I’ll remember it as the day my Friday afternoon got ruined, and the day I became a thief.

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how to english teaching

Theres a saying in Japan that goes – fall seven times and stand up eight.

In 2009 when I first moved to Japan  looking for English teaching work I made up my own idiom: Continue reading

get rich or die tryin’

Lets wind it back. Its early April 2011. I’m living in Japan, newly married and looking to start investing some hard earned English Teaching Yen. Continue reading

the paypal scam

So far I’ve been scammed twice on Paypal, and almost scammed five times more.

The first time I lost $2500 to scammers in China and never saw it again. :( Continue reading

upgrade envy

Upgrade envy definition: When you buy the latest iPhone and feel like a king at a fancy feast and then twelve months later the new one comes out and suddenly you feel like a poor mans donkey boy scratching for corn. Continue reading